Favourite Movie Trailers

Trailers are the largest component to a film’s marketing campaign in this day and age of youtube and other streaming websites. The internet is flooded with similar lists, but you can never have too much of a good thing right? The trailer for one of my most eagerly anticipated movies of the year “Prometheus” actually inspired me to create this blog post.

Like many of you, I’m someone that “cannot afford” to miss the trailers before the start of a new movie. Some of my friends who I frequent the cinemas with know I tend to actually stay away from trailers for some movies I want to experience in a completely spoiler free environment such as Avatar and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. With Avatar, I know the moments of seeing the floating mountains or the Na’vi outside the context of the movie (and in 2D) would definitely have lessened the experience for me. And I’m hoping the same goes for Dark Knight.

Unfortunately a lot of studios opt to include spoiler heavy trailers or include the best joke or the money shot of a movie (e.g. the “Kraken” from the “Clash of the Titans” trailer which had almost as much screen time in the trailer as it did in the movie). But then you have trailers like the one for Hugo last year and The Cabin in the Woods which hold the true plot of the film cleverly cloaked.

So my list below are the 15 trailers that I got me most excited for the chance to watch said movie as soon as humanely possible! Mind you, it’s never easy to come up with such lists and I know I would have more that pop in to my head that I wish I included here. Unfortunately, trailers for a lot of good dramas tend not to illicit the same feelings of anticipation as the ones for a big blockbuster do, so I hope you keep that in mind along with the fact that not all the movies advertised below are ones I consider “good”. Trailers are elevated to the next level by fantastic soundtracks, and all these trailers share some amazing accompanying music and songs.

Let me know if you feel like I should have included some others.


The Watchmen – Full of mysterious “superheroes”, great visuals and one of the best songs accompanying a trailer made this a must watch movie for me through a graphic novel I previously had no knowledge about.

Black Swan – I had heard so much about this movie even before it’s release, and this trailer like many of Aronofsky’s other work is splendidly, nail clipping-ly delivered. This along with is trailer for Requiem for a Dream and Pi is proof that Aronofsky know’s the perfect music to accompany his very unique style of film making.

Alien – The trailer for Prometheus that inspired me to post this blog borrows heavily from this trailer, no surprise given that it’s a prequel. But a great set up, where you’re not shown any “money shot” from the movie but gives the viewer the impression that they are in store for not only one of the best horror movies of all time, but one of the best sci fi ones as well.

Cloverfield – Motion sickness galore! But a movie from J.J.Abrams back when Lost was THE thing to watch on TV, the head of lady Liberty and a massive viral online marketing campaign meant that even without a great trailer, everyone was talking about Cloverfield.

The Social Network – Again a haunting song sets up a brilliant trailer for something everyone (well everyone that would be reading this at least) uses. Facebook has been an integral part of me since first year of university and when I first saw this trailer there was all kinds of familiarity tugging at me (like “hey I comment on pictures too!”). And I’m just thankful that the movie lived up to this great trailer.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher seems to know how to handle songs for his trailers, first the Social Network and now this with one of the most exhilirating songs in a trailer I’ve experienced, I had not read the books or watched the Swedish films, but simply based on this trailer I could believe the international hype that is “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Paranormal Activity – So I’m not really a fan of audience shots integrated in to the trailer, but boy does it work for this movie. I realise that this is not a great trailer and is made to Even the snippets of quotes taken from reviews work in this case! This trailer took this movie from being a 0 in to one of the most talked about movies of the latter half of 2008.

Transformers – A staple cartoon and toy series from my childhood, this trailer gave me the first ever shot of a “real life” car transforming and it was amazing! The thought of seeing a car chase in the highway where the cars turn to robots and fight half way to all out fights breaking out in the middle of a city makes this pure CGI summer movie bashing, with a very easy to excite fan base this trailer became a big hit very quickly.

The Strangers – This trailer scared the hell out of me the first time I saw it, that’s all the reason it needs to be on this list! The movie however…a little different story. This trailer unfortunately does reduce the in movie effect of certain scenes.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – Yes a pretty stereotypical action movie trailer but this is a fantastic trailer for the movie. A classic theme mixed in with a very upbeat Eminem song with a running Tom Cruise and a scene with the world’s tallest building that’s never been seen before makes this a fun 2.5 minutes.

Casino Royale – A reinvention of a classic franchise with a whole new look Bond, one for the modern times that definitely gets down and dirty with his blond (gasp!) hair!! The trailer works and thankfully so did the movie…in a very big way.

Star Trek – I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, this trailer made me want to be a Star Trek fan as well. I can give it no higher compliment. (As a bonus, the video below links to one long video comprising of multiple trailers for the movie)

Spiderman (2001) – This particular trailer was not really broadcasted as it featured the World Trade Center buildings and the people behind the movie opted to skip this trailer and scene from the movie. But it’s a mini bank robbery scene with the final bits of this teaser being spectacular and bringing something to the screen that had not been seen before, a superhero movie that had massive potential. The movie that started the whole trend of superhero movies that we see going on today.

The Avengers – I had to. No other movie can boast the fact that it has 4 other movies made to set it up, this trailer brings together some big name characters, and every time it came on in theatres people would cheer. It caters perfectly to it’s target audience and that’s exactly what a trailer can hope to accomplish.

The Hobbit – To finish this off, here’s a front runner for being the biggest movie of the year (which is saying a lot in the year of the Avengers and Dark Knight Rises). This trailer brings us back to Middle Earth and it’s as beautiful as we remember it. The trailer is bookended with familiar faces and introduces us to the newest “fellowship”. It’s a great way to reintroduce us to Tolkien’s world and I must admit it is the familiarity and current excitment that lands The Hobbit in this list.


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